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CPC Mastery Elite Exclusive Membership Benefits

Looking for greater access and commitment to growth and change, our CPC Elite program adds full out "One on One" coaching with Dr Joe Borio to our online video training program CPC Mastery Gold.  Created for you and your team with a commitment to growth making your tomorrows more successful than today.  CPC Mastery Elite program allows you the accountability of a Champion as you get the experience online to stand by my side and see step by step what I do every day so you can go to your office and do the same. 

  • Elite Client Exclusive-24 One on One private coaching calls with Dr Joe Borio (30 min)

  • "30 Mastery Gold Steps" online video training and coaching with Dr Joe Borio

  • Weekly Live Interactive Webinars with Dr Joe Borio (42/yr)

  • Access to our exclusive CPC Mastery Gold Facebook Group

  • Team CA Training Bi-Weekly Live

  • Our Online marketing manual and power point presentations

  • 2 CPC Practice Mastery Summits a year (DC, spouse, CA's)

  • On-Line access to our complete office practice forms

  • Invitation to "CPC Financial Mastery Live" Annual Webinar

  • Exclusive Events and Training Extras
  • (CPC Borio Bootcamp and CPC Mastermind Retreat are NOT included in membership fee)

  • Borio Bootcamp-train at the side of Dr Joe Borio right in his office-(Doc and CA's only)

  • Annual "Invitation Only"

  • CPC Mastermind Retreat Event(Doc and Spouse Only)

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