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"My goal is to achieve success for chiropractic, by coaching as many chiropractors as possible so they can care for as many families as possible, to help improve the health of the world”                                                           
Dr. Joe Borio
Chiropractor and Founder of Chiropassion Consulting

Dr Joe Borio was born in Syracuse, NY in 1965.  He is the third of four children born to wonderful parents, who owned a popular and large Italian Restaurant.  It was working at the restaurant, that Dr Joe learned the meaning of hard work.  In high school, college and beyond, he played every sport that he could and enjoyed the benefits of great health and performance.  Dr Joe decided to enter into chiropractic, after having some health challenges as a young boy and being helped by a chiropractor.   He wanted to offer health and wellness to the people in the same community that he grew up in. After graduating from Chiropractic College, he opened his office in Cicero, New York, at the same location he currently practices today.  He grew his practice into one of the largest in the country, helping tens of thousands of people live a healthier subluxation free life.

In his effort to drive success for chiropractors and the profession, he founded Chiropassion Consulting in 2004.  Chiropassion Consulting’s mission is to lead successful, motivated, and passionate chiropractors and their teams all around the world.  Dr Joe Borio has developed protocols and procedures to give every Chiropractor the tools they need to Achieve, Excel and Master their practice.   Dr Joe Borio coaches with passion, total commitment, patience, and hard work. He cares about the people and practices, like they are his own.  Our clients will tell you, Dr Joe is honest, authentic, has passion and warmth. His motivational speaking and conviction combined with his love for chiropractic is apparent in everything he does and brings to Chiropassion Consulting.

Dr Joe Borio is also a contributing writer to many Chiropractic Journals he serves on the Board of Trustees at Sherman College of Chiropractic and the IFCO and he is a Brother of the Chiropractic Knights of the Round Table. He has devoted over 14 years as a Chiropractic mentor and coach.  Dr Joe Borio has spoken from the stages of Cal Jam, Mile High, FOCUS, Chirofest, New Beginnings and many other Chiropractic associations across the World.

If you desire to grow to a higher level of chiropractic practice founded on strong principles, then join us and train with Champions as we take the profession into the future, while preserving the foundation of the art, philosophy, and science on which the profession was built.


"The future of Chiropractic is in our hands and it is a huge responsibility.”

Chiropassion Consulting is my effort to keep true to the chiropractic principles, while ensuring the continued growth and success of all the clients and their teams we are honored to coach with

We ask anyone who is interested in growing a successful chiropractic practice founded on strong principles to join us as we take the profession into the next fifty years while preserving the foundation of the art, philosophy and science of which the profession was built.